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  • Do Luxury Candle Packaging Boxes Go Perfectly with Candles of Every Type?

    James Flick
    September 26, 2022

    Luxury is a very expensive word because it does not offer basics. It offers the maximum satisfaction that is available in any type of product. If you are buying a basic product then the word luxury does not have any meaning. But as you can see my blog and I titled it as luxury candle packaging boxes.

    That is why it is important to understand why luxury packaging does exist in the market. See not every product is made for the basics and if your business is dealing with the elites as they are your targeted audience. Then it is very important to realize that you have to bring preciousness to the product. Otherwise, selling an expensive candle is possibly impossible to sell.  But the question is; does it goes well with the inexpensive candles as well? The answer is “No” they do not go well with the inexpensive product of candles. The luxury packaging is only made for expensive candles because there is a margin to invest in the packaging due to the expensiveness of the candles. The cost of luxury candle packaging is negligible if it is made of premium candles. Also, if you are using premium packaging then a chance to lead is there.

    What Are the Exciting Events When Luxury Candle Packaging Boxes Make Betterment for The Business?

    There are many instances where you can see lots of candle makers making their way to success. Because they utilize the opportunity of events where the mega sale is up! That is why it is important to understand what you can do the best to make sales at bigger events. The role of packaging is highly evident because daily that is not possible to bring newness to the product. Especially, a product like a candle is not able to bring further newness and if it does then it requires lots of finance. That is why luxury candle packaging boxes are saviors to present some uniqueness and thematic entry on the events. Now, you must be thinking why I did not talk about the mega events when the sale is on the top!

    Here are the mega events that are pushing your sales up to bring profitability:

    • Christmas
    • Easter
    • Valentines Day
    • New Year Eve
    • Black Friday
    • Halloween

    These are the events that are making any small business a bigger or a bigger business into the biggest. But what do you need to push your sales up? You need a thematic packaging that is as per the theme of the event. If you are successful in making the most attractive packaging then you are going to avail numberless leads in the market. The luxury packaging for candles is doing great on normal days but infusing them with the thematic touch makes them show stopper on such big events. It helps your business to enjoy growth.

    How Do Luxury Candle Packaging Boxes Need to Be Beautified to Enter 2023?

    Beautification is a need of the hour. Otherwise, it is impossible to create your vibe after the next few months. You need to work on the printing stock to enhance your presence. The process of beautification goes from each process to making an attractive packaging box for your candles. That is why I would like to mention each process in this blog to make you aware of it.

    The below processes are required to create the best candle packaging box:

    • Printing Design
    • Printing Stock
    • Production of Stock
    • Printing
    • Effects
    • Assembling

    The mentioned above points are making the beauteous outlook of your box to impress uncountable customers in the market. The design possesses lots of details that need to be a part of the product packaging. Otherwise, it is impossible to make your candles remembered by the customers. The stock is another important thing and I suggest rigid stock to make it look incredible. However, there are options for Cardboard and Kraft are also available. But these two printing stocks are chosen for basic candles, not for luxury candles.

    You know the production of the stock is another important step as it develops the exterior of the product. If any imbalance gets into the packaging production, then packaging is not used. That is why it is the most critical process among the rest of the processes. The printing is doable in CMYK, PMS, and Spot Color and you can choose any type of printing according to the selection of the eco-friendly printing stock. Because I do not recommend the CMYK printing type for the rigid printing stock. But you can use Spot Color or PMS for better results. Just like the effects are also there to highlight your packaging design while assembling is a process where a flat box gets into shape. So, remember whenever you need to make luxury packaging for candles then choose rigid printing stock with minimalistic beautification.

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