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  • How to Differentiate Your Brand with Rigid Packaging

    James Flick
    August 28, 2022

    There are several differences between rigid and cardboard boxes and we will try and list some of the reasons to choose rigid box packaging over anything else. Premium category products are now being sold and packaged in high-density boxes which are taking over all traditional methods. Starting with the material, we need to clarify how rigid material is made and what makes it so different than cardboard. To start, cardboard thicknesses usually range from 12pt/300 gsm up to 24pt 600 gsm. This is the most commonly available range for any cardboard-based packaging solutions. They work pretty well for stores and retail outlets but cannot compare to rigid packaging  in any case.

    Box Styles for Custom Rigid Packaging

    There are several box styles you can create using rigid boxes and some of them are amazing to look at. Starting, we see the most common style, the two-piece or lid-off box style. All understanding can be taken straight from the name, two-piece box. This means that the box consists of two different pieces namely the top and bottom or lid and base. It is advised to provide internal measurements when providing the supplier specifications about your requirement. You can have the packaging printed anyway your brand deems or you can get it all printed in one color.

    Magnetic Closure Box

    Moving on, we see a magnetic closure box type that also falls into the rigid category but has two different options to help you decide. One option is somewhat more cost-effective than the other options and there is a reason for that. First up, we go ahead and take a look into the construction of these particular boxes.

    Tray Style

    A tray-style open from the top is created separately and a fold-over cover is created later on. To complete the box, the fold-over cover is glued at one end to the bottom side of the tray. This makes it a flip-top magnetic closure box that can also be printed as per your requirement.

    The cost-effective box option in the magnetic style packaging can be described as “requires minimal assembly at warehouse/client end”. This means that there are peel-off adhesive tapes that need to be used to create the box and make it stand. These boxes are shipped flat and cost less and therefore are more commonly used.

    Custom Printed Rigid Boxes To Go

    When we mention printing, we don’t mean just outside the box. You can print anywhere on the box including the inside and the sides. Give it a message on the inside of the box to look like when the box is opened, you have a sentence to cheer your customer up. It can deliver a hearty message or your brand’s tagline or it can say something cheesy. The bottom line here is that you are in control of what goes on and in your packaging.

    Some companies tend to use inserts to further enhance the customer unboxing experience with rigid packaging boxes. The branding and color choice can have a huge impact on how your brand leads the potential customer.

    Key Factors

    Key factors to consider before getting to decide what kind of packaging your brand requires are very important. First and foremost, you need to be aware of the fact that custom rigid boxes are placed on the farthest and highest rank of the price spectrum. This means that you have to very carefully consider your finances and make adjustments to the price of the product if needed. This is a very important factor to consider since the price per unit of these boxes can shoot for the sky if you order in small quantities. The way packaging works best is when you order in bulk and factor in the price per unit and not the price overall.

    All in all, if the decision to proceed with rigid boxes is set in stone and the instructions above are taken into consideration, it is time. Measure the length x width x depth of the required box and lead them on to your supplier. Keep in mind that the measurements provided are usually considered internal measurements of the box. Make sure that you go through all the information the supplier has to offer and then place an order.

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