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  • Packaging Design Ideas for Rigid Box Packaging

    James Flick
    August 17, 2023

    To make your product stand out and attract more customers, we’ll explore creative rigid box design ideas. From interesting shapes to bright colors, you’ll find an idea that fits your product packaging.

    The 3 Best Rigid Box Design Ideas

    You can package your product in the following cute ways:

    1. Box Inserts are Useful


    When you add box inserts to your rigid box, your product will look more attractive and show off its features.

    It is possible to use inserts to divide and separate different items in the box or to keep small pieces together, for example.

    Make sure your inserts protect your product during transit. Inserts made of cardboard are a popular option, but you may also consider foam or plastic, depending on the product.

    2. Make a Unique Shape


    You can create various shapes out of rigid materials because they are stiff and sturdy. Creating a unique shape for rigid boxes will make your product stand out.

    Your product will have a strong visual presence on the shelf if it has a distinctive shape.

    You must consider how the box will look when it is closed, as well as how consumers will handle it when creating a custom-shaped box.

    3. Using Negative Space to Stay Minimalist


    When designing your box packaging, negative space can be used to great effect.

    In addition to leaving some space on your packaging unoccupied, you can create an eye-catching contrast to draw attention.

    For your product name, you could use a bold font and bright color.

    In addition, you can create interesting patterns and shapes within negative space.

    Use die-cut shapes to highlight certain design elements, such as a die-cut window to display a product.

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