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  • The 5 Premium Candle Packaging Box Styles

    James Flick
    March 07, 2023

    Are you looking for something new in packaging? If so, are you finding traditional packaging no longer appealing? You should think outside the box to package your candles attractively. When giving someone a special gift, it is best to package it in luxury. It’s time to customize candle box packaging.

    A unique box packaging design stands out your product and attracts the attention of your clients. These creative candle box styles are perfect for custom candles. 

    Boxes for Taper Candles

    This is the easiest and most unique packing, specially designed for taper candles. The taper candle is a long cylindrical candle. Due to its sensitivity, it requires more protection. This is why candles of this type are packed in a special box. Materials used in it include kraft and cardboard. A cardboard divider also separates the candles. This will present your product in a classy way with a plastic lid made from PVC, which is also recyclable. In other words, this box is an example of a 100% sustainable and eco-friendly packaging material.

    Packaging for Votive Candles 

    Votive candles are usually small, wide, enclosed glass jars for celebrations and religious ceremonies. The glass container provides more protection since it is covered. Votive candle box styles are sturdy, unique, and have specific packaging designs. It consists of a Box board, Eco-friendly kraft, and Corrugated. You can create an attractive design with various sizes and dimensions with further customization.

    Magnetic Closures 

    Another good box style for packaging candles is magnetic closure boxes. This candle box has the following features:

    • The box’s bottom tray is attached to a base
    • There is also a magnetic closure on the attached lid

    If handled incorrectly and under pressure, your fragile candle wax will not splinter if sturdy cardboard dividers completely protect it. Your candle box will be best marketed if it has a magnetic closure. Enjoy these amazing box styles with your loved ones as well. The following materials can be used to make a variety of boxes. By using all these attractive box styles with magnetic closures, you will be able to attract the attention of candle lovers.

    Shoulder Neck Boxes

    Adding this unique box style to your packaging will give it an extra layer of protection and a premium look. Among the contents of these three-piece boxes are shoulder, neck, and base.

    Since the lid of a shoulder box is deeper than the bottom of a rigid box, the bottom does not push up into the lid, as it does in rigid boxes. When closed, the inner neck guides and holds the lid. With this stylish box shape and vibrant color, your product will stand out from the competition. Candle packaging also includes these boxes and inserts.

    Die Cut Pillar Boxes 

    The best way to maintain the shape and fragrance of pillar candles is to use die-cut packaging. A PVC window on the front of the box showcases the candle inside.

    Die cuts come in square, rectangular, triangle, circle, and heart shapes. Your product will be more engaging and increase sales because customers can choose their favorite candles.

    Hexagon Boxes 

    It is a good idea to package candles in hexagonal boxes. Due to its no need for additional adhesive or tape, this packaging option is the most cost-effective. Usually, these boxes are used to pack one candle and to gift someone. The box has six corners, and the top lid makes it look unique. A hexagon-shaped box is formed by folding the two flaps of the box together.

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