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  • 20 Leading Packaging Companies in the World

    James Flick
    July 26, 2023

    Before starting your own business, you must look for one of trustworthy packaging companies. It is becoming increasingly common for businesses to need customized packaging solutions.

    You need to work with a packaging manufacturer who can meet your business’s specifications and needs.

    Packaging companies today have the power to make or break a product.

    Packing your goods properly will not only protect and preserve them, but also appeal to customers.

    Exciting Innovations in the Packaging Industry!

    Packaging is a rapidly evolving industry with applications in various sectors like food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, and mobile phones.

    Today’s Biggest Challenge: Crafting sustainable solutions that cut down on non-recyclable waste.

    Nestlé is leading the way by swapping plastic for eco-friendly paper-based packaging. Their target? A one-third reduction in new plastic usage by 2025, rallying support from environmentally conscious individuals.

    Top-notch product packaging not only impresses customers but also boosts brand loyalty, translating to higher sales and profits.

    Major players are leveraging personalized packaging to create a distinctive brand identity, forging stronger connections with their audience.

    Take Coca-Cola, for instance (NYSE: KO), leveraging QR codes on its bottles for seamless customer-brand interactions. Stay connected, stay ahead!

    Get ready to embrace the future of packaging—innovation meets sustainability!

    List of Top 20 Packaging Companies

    Here is a list of product packaging companies with contact information; you will have to visit their websites to find out what services they provide.

    1. International Paper Co


    Incorporated in January 1898 after merging 17 pulp and paper mills in the United States, the International Paper Company is one of the world’s largest packaging companies.

    Package goods in a way that protects and promotes their quality, facilitates global trade, and allows consumers to be safe. By enabling recycling and reducing waste, their circular solutions are contributing to a better future for the planet.

    An international packaging company of approximately 56,000 employees, the company manufactures containerboard, corrugated cardboard, pulp, and paper packaging. The company uses renewable materials like pulp to produce diapers, tissues, and other products.

    2. West Rock


    The merger of MeadWestvaco and RockTenn in July 2015 formed WestRock, which focuses on innovation and operational excellence.

    They combine cutting-edge science and technology with expertise in manufacturing, packaging, and mechanical engineering to drive innovation.

    Across their global network of 320 factories, design centers, research labs, and sales offices, they employed approximately 50,000 people. A world leader in paper and packaging, it has its headquarters in Atlanta, USA.

    3. Amcor


    The Amcor Group develops and produces responsible packaging around the world. The company is a global leader in the packaging of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, medical products, home and personal care products, as well as other items.

    More than 40,000 people work at the company in 43 countries, with a Swiss and an Australian headquarters.

    Through its global expertise and knowledge of packaging and value chains, Amcor enhances packaging for customers and their consumers.

    A variety of events and conferences around the world connect customers, investors, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

    4. Sealed Air


    Packaging materials, equipment, and services, as well as automation, are all part of Sealed Air‘s commitment to protect products and people.

    With the company, your brand will be elevated to a new level with customized food and product packaging.

    Over 16,500 employees serve 114 countries from its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.

    Innovating packaging, creating custom designs, and digital printing give them the ability to deliver genuinely connected packages.

    Through their innovative materials, designs, and system solutions, manufacturers, retailers, and brand owners can increase efficiency, improve food quality, and grow their businesses sustainably.

    5. Crown Holdings


    Under the name of Crown Cork & Seal Company, Crown Holdings was founded in Baltimore, Maryland, in 1892 by Irish inventor William Painter.

    Founded in Yardley, Pennsylvania, US, it employs over 34,500 people throughout 200 manufacturing facilities, 30 sales outlets, and 40 service locations.

    Among the products produced by the company are metal beverage cans, aerosol containers, closures, and specialty packaging.

    The company is also a leading provider of transit and protective packaging, as well as rigid packaging products, equipment, and services.

    6. Ball Corporation


    There are over 21,500 employees at Ball Corporation, a company that was founded in 1880 and is headquartered in Westminster, CO (US).

    Aluminum packaging solutions are provided to customers of beverage, personal care, and household products by one of the top packaging companies in the world.

    Furthermore, it provides government and commercial customers with products and services related to aerospace, technology, and other fields.

    After becoming the world’s largest recycler of metal food and beverage containers, it eventually became the largest manufacturer in the industry. Award-winning innovation and quality control have always been hallmarks of their products.

    7.Packaging Heights


    In terms of custom packaging companies, Packaging Heights ranks 7th. The company manufactures packaging for all types of products using cardboard, Kraft, or rigid material.

    Their rates are lower than those of other packaging companies. They strive to convert first-time clients into returning clients by fulfilling their needs. The company offers free design support and free shipping in the USA.

    8. Oji Holdings


    Oji Holdings Corporation employs over 31,000 people around the world. It was founded in 1873. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, but it has 86 production sites throughout the country, as well as forestry operations in countries such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, New Zealand, and others.

    Paper, packaging, and forest products company Oji is a world leader in packaging manufacturing.

    Since its establishment over 140 years ago, this Group has led Japan’s pulp and paper industry.

    9. Packaging Corporation of America


    A North American company founded in 1959, Packaging Corporation of America employs 17,000 workers in its Lake Forest, Illinois headquarters.

    Providing local expertise with world-class experience, we provide corrugated packaging solutions for all kinds of products.

    With innovative products and processes, this company exceeds your expectations regardless of the complexity of the project.

    Designed, manufactured, and delivered with environmentally friendly processes that save you time and money, they use renewable energy sources and provide responsible design, manufacturing, and delivery services.

    10. Smurfit Kappa Group


    The headquarters of Smurfit Kappa Group are in Dublin, Ireland. Among the world’s largest paper-based packaging companies and the world’s leading corrugated packaging company, it manufactures corrugated boxes.

    With 350 production sites in 36 countries and over 48,000 employees, SKG has 350 production sites worldwide. Their retail packaging solutions come in a variety of materials to maximize brand impact and drive sales.

    With the company’s supply chain protection and strength, customers can meet every supply chain challenge. Packaging products from their company are made from corrugated and hexacomb material that is built to last.

    11. Stora Enso


    Founded in 1998, Stora Enso produces corrugated packaging made from renewable resources, biomaterials, wood construction materials, and paper products made from sustainable resources.

    Based on net earnings, it ranked second in the European forest and paper industry. There are over 22,000 employees at the company’s headquarters in Helsinki.

    The company develops products and technologies based on renewable materials. The company’s products include a number of low-carbon alternatives to fossil fuels.

    12. Packlane


    Packlane is one of the best packaging companies make it easy for brands and companies to design product packaging.

    With their packaging, you will be able to find something exciting in different shapes, colors, materials, and sizes.

    There is a headquarters in Berkeley, California, the United States, where the company is based. Based on the requirements of their clients, they are able to create all types of packaging boxes.

    13. PackMojo


    PackMojo is a Chinese company based in Hong Kong. Users can design packaging online and get deliveries to their homes through the company’s platform.

    Using custom packaging, they empower businesses of all sizes to maximize every interaction with their brands.

    As a packaging company, the company simplifies, transparently, and facilitates the process of buying tailored packaging. Whether you are a startup, small business, or large corporation, they can meet your needs.

    14. DS Smith


    In Europe and the United States, DS Smith manufactures sustainable fiber-based packaging.

    There are more than 30,000 employees at the company, which was founded in 1940. More than 30 countries are served by the company, which is headquartered in London, England. Innovative products and high-quality packaging make the company a global leader.

    Their products can enhance retail presentation, storage efficiency, transportation, and transportation efficiency by using sustainable corrugated cardboard

    15. Berry Global


    Berry Global, headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, was founded in 1967.

    Over 49,000 people are employed worldwide by this company across 265+ locations. A major part of the company’s business is manufacturing plastic packaging and engineered products.

    The value generated by the organization, as well as the innovations it creates, benefit all stakeholders.

    They have manufacturing and innovation centers in communities around the world that strive to improve today to make tomorrow better, from small rural communities to big urban ones.

    16. Mondi


    The headquarters of Mondi plc are in Weybridge, United Kingdom, where the company was founded in 1967.

    With around 100 production facilities in over 30 countries, the company employs about 21,000 people.

    Flexible packaging solutions are provided by the company on a global scale, including paper, flexible plastic, and hybrid packaging.

    The company offers a wide range of products for the consumer, retail, industrial, and construction markets. The company produces fine uncoated papers for home, office, converting, and professional use using the latest digital and offset printing technologies.

    17. Sonoco


    With its roots dating back to 1899, Sonoco has been a global provider of packaging services. Packaging, protective packaging, wrapping supplies, and consumer goods are all part of the company’s product line.

    The company has approximately 24,000 employees in approximately 300 operations spread across 32 countries. Located in Hartsville, South Carolina (U.S.), the company was founded in 1984.

    It has helped millions of customers around the world redefine brand personalities, enhance their customer experiences, and improve their quality of life by offering customized packaging solutions.

    Providing better packaging and better life is their purpose.

    18. Graphic Packaging


    The Graphic packaging specializes in packaging design and manufacturing for commercial products.

    More than 24,000 people work for the company worldwide, with 130 facilities around the world. In the United States, its headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia.

    Food, beverage, food service, household, personal care, and pet care brands worldwide use paperboard and paper-based packaging.

    In spite of their new name, they remain committed to innovation, quality, and service.

    19. Essel Propack


    A Mumbai-based tube packaging manufacturer, Essel Propack was founded in 1982. Across 10 countries, the company employs more than 3400 people of diverse nationalities.

    FMCG companies from around the world use the company’s specialty packaging. The company offers expertise across five major sectors: Pharmaceuticals & Health, Food & Nutrition, Home Care, Oral Care, and Beauty & Cosmetics.

    20. Coveris


    A global company with 4,100 employees and 29 manufacturing facilities in 14 countries, Coveris was founded in May 2013. In order to improve product quality, safety, lifecycle, and convenience, some of the world’s most reputable brands use flexible and sustainable packaging solutions.

    Besides medical devices, food, industrial products, agricultural products, pet food, and pet food containers, the company also packages medical devices, food, and industrial products.


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