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  • Designing Customized Box Packages – A Detailed Guide

    James Flick
    December 23, 2021

    The way you package your product happens to be one of the most important elements of marketing. Customers evaluate and gauge the product by its packaging before they move ahead with the purchase. Moreover, having a captivating as well as a creative packaging design for your custom boxes needs to have a psychological connection. Going with custom boxes for packages is a great way to increase sales.

    Designing Customized Packages

    A crucial part of the selling process is perception. The message that your product packaging imparts determines the success or failure of the product. To ensure success, you need to ensure that your packaging gives the right message through the words and images that you use and influences the customer’s buying decision. You should know that going for customized packaging for vape boxes or any other product for that matter, is not difficult. It can be one of the most effective things that you can do for your business. The key is that you design or get it designed according to the customer’s point of view. See that it features such a design that impeccably defines your product the way you want it to be seen by the customers.

    If you have a lot of rivals, then your custom boxes should be made with the 2.6 rule in mind. This is the average length of time a package takes to convince a customer and make them pick off your product off the shelf or place an online order for it right away.

    Considerations for Customized Box Packages

    The best packaging does not only incorporate the brand colors and logo. Rather, it narrates a story while effectively creating an aesthetic for your brand. The box you are placing and selling/shipping your product is very important, so you need to put some effort and thought into it. It is all about making the right first impression.

    When you do the packaging right, it will enhance your brand exposure and recognition with the help of social sharing. Your sales, as well as brand loyalty, automatically increase. When deciding on the packaging, you have a plethora of choices and options at hand. One of the key considerations you need to bear in mind is deciding on the type of custom boxes wholesale:

    • The size of your product
    • The presentation value
    • The Cost
    • Functionality

    The boxes that you use for your products are no less than a product itself. A large majority of your customers would appreciate your service and products when they receive them beautifully and safely packed. You need to put in some effort to offer a memorable and delightful shopping experience.

    Tips for Designing Customized Box Packaging

    An important thing to consider is that your custom box design should represent you and your brand stating what sets you apart.

    Having said that, here are a couple of things to help you come up with the perfect custom boxes for your product:

    Brand Identity

    You should have a clear perception of your brand identity. Here are a few questions that you need to ask yourself:

    1. What message do you want to send out to customers? Does it reflect your brand’s vibe?
    2. Do you want to come off as a premium and luxury brand or would rather be quirky and playful?
    3. Do you care about the environment?
    4. What do you think your customers expect from your brand?

    Product and Target Audience

    Now, your products and the customers. What do you sell? And who is buying your products? There are two things to keep in mind when it comes to custom boxes packaging. Products and the design of the box. You should not ignore the practicality factor either. Your packaging needs to complement and align with your product. Think about the target market for your products such as are they male or female, young or old, are they looking for handmade goodies or premium products, etc.

    To sum up, your packaging should clearly exude the aura which lured people towards your products in the first place. Your packaging, in reality, is an extension of what you sell.

    Personalization of Packaging

    Social media has become a big market. Businesses are keen to create an online presence and grab customers from there as well. It has become a common trend to open packages online, tell other people about their shopping experience, etc. Think of unique and classy custom boxes with logo ideas that resonate with your brand and leave a memorable impression. You can be creative, funny, chic, or vintage as long as it is in line with your brand.

    Brand Logo

    Surely, a logo is the main design element of your packaging. Your brand’s logo should not only set you apart from the rest but should be easily recognizable as well. An effective logo is responsible for the perfect representation of your brand that makes people remember your brand whenever and wherever they see it.


    Color and Style to Match Your Brand

    When selecting colors for your brand, go with the colors that trigger a positive response in people such as green, blue, pink, yellow, and red. These colors need to go with your products as well as your brand. Colors play a very important role in your vape box packaging. Stats reveal that 85% of shoppers get influenced to buy a certain product by the color. Visual factors impact more than 90% of the buying decisions. So, the color scheme is extremely important in your product packaging.

    Selecting the Right Font

    The font that you use on your packaging also conveys a message to your target audience. You have a wide range of options. However, make sure that you pick a legible font. Traditional fonts are used in packaging Serif ones. For a more formal and sophisticated look, script lettering or cursive does the trick. Printing in capital fonts gives a bold vibe. Whichever font you use should be decipherable.

    Keep it Simple

    See, there are many things involved in ensuring that you create the perfect customized packaging. However, there is another thing that you must be careful about is that you don’t end up overdoing it. Do not overdo a product’s packaging. Your main goal should be to keep the products safe and ready to be shipped to the customers.

    Also, it should include any tips, warnings, and instructions if required regarding the product.

    Align with the Product

    The product and its packaging should be in perfect sync. The packaging should complement the product inside. The packaging that you use as well as the labels should match your product. The customer also notices these things. Spending excessively on packaging instead of the product itself can be a major turn-off.

    Usage of Packaging Materials According to Product

    If you deal in delicate and fragile items, you need to be more careful in the packaging of your products to ensure that customers get your product safely. There is a variety of package cushioning you can choose from. You can use bubble wrap, thick paper, or fabric to protect your product. If your products don’t need extra care and caution, you can use colored paper or custom printed paper for wrapping your product.

    Utilize Patterns

    Another way to enhance the appeal of your custom box is by using patterns to create focal points. For example, for a retro look, you can try different-sized polka dots. For a more serious and conservative look, stripes are a great option. For a quirky vibe, you can use a chevron pattern on your custom packaging. If your brand has a vintage feel, you can make use of Art Deco patterns. Explore a bit and you will find so many things. Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can even mix and match and combine styles. Just get creative. Also, do some research and see what other brands or your competition is doing.

    Keep the Consumer Perspective in Mind

    At the end of the day, you want to make sales, right? Your packaging is to facilitate the customers and get their attention towards your brand and product so you can increase your sales. Therefore, the customer’s perspective should be your priority. When you are designing the packaging, try to put yourself in the consumer’s mind and see which elements should be added or eliminated. This would make the designing process more productive and yield effective results in the long run.

    The Bottom Line

    Having an attractive and practical approach to custom box packaging would attract your customers. And as a result, enhance sales. It might be hit and miss for a while so take your time and ask others what they think of the final design. If the packaging fails to deliver your brand’s message, you should be flexible enough to go back and change it.

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