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  • What You Need to Know About E-commerce Packaging?

    James Flick
    March 11, 2023

    Have you ever heard about e-commerce packaging before? If yes, but you don’t have any idea about it, keep reading this article till the end. If you are running an online store, you prioritize delivering your goods to your customers safely.

    Custom E-commerce packaging will help you achieve that goal and maintain your product quality. Customer satisfaction and profitability are highly influenced by the packaging of your products and the size and shape of the mailer boxes you use. In this article, we will define, explain its importance and discuss a definitive guide on eCommerce packaging.

    What is E-commerce Packaging?

    E-commerce stores use E-commerce packaging to pack their products for transit. I will make your online brand identity and help manage your shipment cost. The trend of online shopping increased during the pandemic situation of COVID-19. Many retail shops converted into online shopping stores during this duration to reduce operating charges.

    Now people prefer online shopping more. Here every online brand wants an appealing e-commerce packing wholesale solution. Unique and attractive packaging helps in enhancing customers’ experience and generates more sales.

    So, to differentiate yourself from competitors while enhancing your customer experience, it is important to always come up with conceptualized and distinctive designs for your packages. It is a packaging with:

    • Outer covering
    • Infill Material
    • Box Inserts

    Advantages of Custom E-commerce Packaging

    E-commerce packing gives customers a feeling of confidence and relaxation while ordering products online. There are many other benefits as:

    Save Your Products

    The first property of this packaging is to save products during shipment until it reaches your customers. It will make your customer feel safe while ordering any product from an online store.

    Creating a Lasting Unboxing Experience

    Unique, easy-to-open, and distinctive style packaging will excite your customer more during unpacking. Your appealing packaging design will impress your customers. In this way, it will create a memorable unboxing experience.

    Increase Repeat Customers Percentage

    When your customer’s first experience is good, they will get their items in good condition with attractive packaging, and they will visit your online store again, which increases the repeat customers percentage.

    Create Your Brand Identity & Awareness

    E-commerce packaging is a tool to advertise your online shop products. When customers receive products with printed logo packaging, they will be aware of your brand, and it will create your brand identity.

    Enhance Customer Satisfaction

    In addition to creating an immediate impression, custom designs increase customers’ delight. When your customers receive orders in sophisticated packaging, and its unboxing creates a wow feeling, it will become a cause of customer satisfaction.

    E-commerce Packaging Design Ideas

    Your distinctive product packaging design is one of the best factors to stay competitive in the crowded market to be successful in the e-commerce business. And especially online stores can only survive in the industry if they keep themselves unique and attractive.

    Now we will talk about the essential factors you must keep in mind while creating packaging for an online store.

    What is the Best E-commerce Packaging Material?

    The first important thing that really matters is your box material. Materials are one of those factors that will make or break your brand reputation. There are some materials used:

    Corrugated Boxes

    A corrugated box is the best eco-friendly packaging material with multiple layers. It contains three layers:

    • An inside layer
    • A fluting medium like “wave” between two layers
    • An outside layer

    It has a durable and sturdy structure that makes it a durable and strong packing material. This is perfect for holding and shipping heavy items.

    Bubble Envelopes

    These envelopes are also known as jiffy bags in the UK. During shipments, these bags are used to pack small and fragile products. Bubble envelopes are made up of sturdy, durable packaging paper, and it is used to line its interior, which provides more protection to your inner content.

    Poly Bags

    Poly bags are formed from a soft and flexible plastic which is known as polythene. You can use this type of bag if you are selling items that won’t break easily. These bags are usually used to pack:

    • Stuffed toys
    • Apparel
    • Products like shoes

    Padded Envelopes

    Padded envelopes are another name for cushioned mailer envelopes. These are made up of thick and strong paper, which is protected by the padding at the inner side. These envelopes are small in size; therefore, it is used to pack sensitive, smart, and flat items to provide complete protection. Here are some of the delicate products:

    • Books
    • Electronic devices
    • Jewelry items
    • Accessories

    E-commerce Packaging Infills Materials

    Infills materials are used to fill the free spaces in the box to provide full protection to the inner content. They provide stability and extra safety during shipments. There are many infills used for e-commerce packaging as:

    • Foam wrap
    • Air pillows
    • Bubble wrap
    • Kraft paper

    How to Design E-commerce Packaging?

    Now it is time to design your e-commerce container with some creativity to increase customers’ delight. Here is some important element that you have to consider during the manufacturing process:

    Keep your Packaging Sturdy

    The first priority of your online customers is to receive products without any breakage, so protection is foremost important. For that, you have to keep your box sturdy and use sustainable, flexible, but durable packaging material. You can select any of the above packages to fulfill that need.

    Add Customized Logo

    A logo is the first thing that will make your identity distinct from others. So by adding a customized logo to the center and front of your pack, shoppers will see your logo when they receive orders. You have to make your own logo according to your brand theme. This will inspire your customers to recognize your store products by your logo.

    Consider Color Scheme

    When you are done with your logo, next you have to be choosy for color combination. Choosing the right colors for your logo is key to creating an effective design. To make your packing more attractive, you must stick to multiple colors. Just make sure that those colors are playing well together.

    Try Minimalist Packaging

    Minimalism is the key to success in packaging and in creating a lasting impression on customers’ minds. It is highly preferable because it is cost-effective, and minimum materials are used to make it, reducing the amount of waste produced by oversized or complicated packaging.

    Embellish with Finishing and Add-ons

    Finishing and add-ons will make your product packaging more appealing. As a result, these add-ons help brands stand out and break through the clutter of the market to make their stores unforgettable and also enhance the unboxing experience. There are some options are as:

    • Hot foil stamping
    • Holography
    • UV spot application
    • Ribbon handles
    • Embossing
    • Debossing
    • Inserts (Paper or EVA foam)

    How to Make Your Packaging More Attractive?

    Unboxing is all about opening a box and taking off the products. A good unboxing experience will urge you to visit that online shop again. Here are some additional tips that will definitely make your store memorable in customers’ minds.

     Add Promotional Inserts

    Promotional inserts are printing cards that are relevant to your brand or product, which are stuck at the back of the items. It is an excellent option to excite people when they open a packaging.

    Provide Product Guide

    It is an essential factor to consider in Ecommerce custom packaging. It is all about coming up with detailed information about the product on a piece of paper attached inside the box or outside the packaging. The information includes benefits and how to use a guide.

    Small Gifts

    Your product packaging with a small gift is another amazing idea to make your customers fans. This is all to add a small gift with your product that will make your customers feel special and make their day.

    Use Stickers & images.

    It is a great way to make your packaging personalized. Using different stickers and relevant images on your packaging creates a sensible appeal. You can use stickers on the upper or inner side just for branding and customer review.

    Shipping advice

    To get wonderful and quick services, contact experts in shipping services like DHL, FedEx, or UPS. They are quite professional and quicker in the delivery time. You will find your products safe and sound in no time when you are availing of their services.

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