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  • What are The Different Types of Box Inserts in Packaging?

    James Flick
    March 15, 2023

    Inserts are the functional parts of packaging that help support the products packed inside. They keep the products in place, protecting against bumps and jerks during transportation.

    They are a requirement for e-commerce packaging. However, they also help provide an amazing unboxing experience to the customers.

    Types of Inserts

    There are two basic types of inserts. These are:

    1. Box Inserts
    2. Promotional Inserts

    These two inserts have many types depending on the material used for their making and design. This blog will provide a complete guide about the various types of inserts used in custom packaging.

    Box Insert Types

    There are many different types of box inserts. Selecting one particular type depends on how much protection you want for your packaging. Moreover, it also depends on the looks of the box. Finally, the selling mode and box type also determine the particular selection of inserts for your packaging.

    The following are the types of box inserts:

    Corrugated Inserts

    They are used for very fragile items like glass that need extra protection. The corrugated cardboard is made of three layers. The two outer layers surround an inner layer with ridges, also called a flute. These layers help protect the products packed.

    Corrugated inserts are the best option for e-commerce packaging. The ridges in the cardboard enable it to provide extra cushion to the products against any physical damage.

    Cardboard Inserts

    These are available in different shapes and sizes according to the products. They have the following benefits:

    • Help arrange the products inside the box.
    • Lesser in weight and hence are good for lightweight products.
    • Can be customized in any color.

    Foam Inserts

    These inserts are light in weight, but still, they are an excellent choice for very sensitive items. They remain the best option for jewelry items. You can customize them in any shape or design according to your customers’ needs.

    The foam inserts are available in two primary colors that are white and black/gray. Since they are light in weight, hence, they are also the best option for shipping boxes. The foam will keep the products safe even in the case of rough handling of the box. Moreover, the lightweight will also help you save shipping charges.

    Plastic Inserts

    Plastic inserts remain the best option for food packaging. These inserts are moisture-resistant and hence can help keep the food items safe. Bakery items often have these inserts.

    They not only help organize the items but also give an aesthetic look to the packaging. Imagine a box with amazing cupcakes inside, held in place with the help of plastic inserts.

    Promotional Inserts

    Promotional inserts are printed cards that help you communicate with your customers. They help increase your interaction with the customers and send them a note.

    Promotional inserts also lead to an amazing unboxing experience. Customers will be fascinated by the promotional inserts placed inside as they open the box and feel connected with the sellers.

    The following are the various types of inserts that you may place inside your boxes:

    • Thank you notes – say thanks to your customers for ordering from you. Such a little gesture of gratitude will create a place for you in the heart of your customers.
    • Promotional discounts – offering a discount voucher can be a great way to get the customers’ attention towards your other products.
    • Warm Greeting – if you have nothing to offer, a warm greeting is the best insert. You may write a short message to care for yourself or a “Happy Winter” greeting.
    • Product Review request – once the product reaches the customers, there is no further contact between the seller and buyer. Therefore, you can ask the buyers for a review on social media about their experience of using your products. This will engage your customers and hence, will help you get to know about their experience with the products.
    • Future interactions – you can also hint to the customers that you look forward to future interactions with them. This will help you create an everlasting bond with them.
    • Guide – writing instructions about how to use the products on the inserts is also an option. These will help the customers to use the products in a better way.


    Hence, all the various types of inserts are mentioned here. The selection of one particular type depends on the type of box material and the product packed inside. They are low cost but play a role in leaving a good impression on the customers. The boxes that have inserts in them look very luxurious and outclass.

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