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  • Why luxury Packaging Boxes are Getting Popular Day by Day?

    James Flick
    September 06, 2022

    Ever since the pandemic hit, people have struggled with their day-to-day lives. There are small new businesses emerging everywhere and that is where luxury Ornaments boxes come in. Since traditional jewelry packaging costs so much, businesses and brands are now switching to other options. One of these options would have to be white cardboard with kraft material being the second best. As far as box styles go, that is totally up to you to decide.

    Over the years, jewelry packaging boxes have come a long way from traditional bulky packaging. We now see jewelry in small, beautiful, and artistic boxes. Some of them are very simple in design but get the job done. We will go through some commonly used box styles for jewelry. Since there are two different kinds of jewelry being used, there are two different packaging categories for each.

    Exploring New and Exciting Packaging Options for Artificial Jewelry

    Jewelry packaging boxes are taking a turn on how they appear and feel from afar. We need to understand that not all styles are recommended to be used for jewelry packaging purposes. Some of the most common box styles used for jewelry are listed below;

    The Lid-Off Solution

     Lid-Off boxes are the two-piece box option with a separate lid and base. You can select any number of colors to be printed anywhere on the box including the inside. Yes, you can print on the inside of the box as well making it a perfect spot to drop a message for your client. It can be a cheesy message or a hearty thank you for the purchase.

    Coming over to the more important issue of costs, there are two ways to do a lid-off box. One option is creating rigid-based custom jewelry boxes with printing on top. Although this option is usually availed by real jewelry makers because they can spare the cost to produce.

    Since rigid material costs extravagant sums of money, it does not bode well for small businesses operating from a house. However, in no way should this be taken as a negative comment because there are cost-effective solutions.

    If the cost of rigid boxes makes your product price increase by miles, you can always get flat-shipped wholesale valuable boxes. Sure, this means that you have to assemble the boxes in-house but you save a ton of money by not ordering rigid boxes.

    Magnetic Closure Feature

    Just like the lid-off, these custom jewelry packaging with logos can be made using rigid and white cardboard material. So, at the end of the day, all that matters is your requirement and budget line to ensure you get what you need. Premium jewelry packaging wholesale is the only way to ensure you save anything on your packaging. When we say wholesale, we mean large quantities that will help you keep the costs low. It is always preferred by packaging vendors to order in bulk not because they want to sell their stuff but to make sure all printing systems work fine.

    After that, we have a flat shipped magnetic closure box that is pretty self-explaining as far as structure goes. Durability-wise, they are the same as the standard rigid boxes but will be shipped flat and that means in-house minimal assembly. So, to sum it up, if your brand can pull off the price weight of rigid boxes, that is the direction to go in. Although, when ordering rigid boxes, you mostly have to order a huge quantity to ensure cost-effectiveness. On the other hand, if you decide to save up on your packaging, flat shipped magnetic closure boxes are the way to go.

    The Drawer Style Initiation

    As the name suggests, these are drawer-style packaging boxes used for rings mostly. Again, there are two different variations in terms of thickness. The style of the box is very unique and it follows the pattern of a matchbox. The only difference is the one closed end in the rigid material but you can have it open both ways. Since these will be custom-made to cater to your needs, have a good time virtually creating them. The drawer-style boxes come in both rigid and cardboard material options so depending on your requirement, choose. The only difference between a drawer-style box and a sleeve and tray box is the ribbon attached at one end of the drawer. This pull tab (ribbon) is only present in the drawer style option for both rigid and cardboard.

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