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  • 5 Best Candle Packaging Ideas for 2023-24

    James Flick
    February 01, 2023

    You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for candle packaging ideas! Your candle packaging can play an important role if you want your product to stand out from the competition.

    As we examine unique and creative packaging ideas for candles in this guide, we will explore how to both protect your candles and captivate your customers.

    Getting your candles onto shelves will be made easy with these packaging ideas!

    These ideas will work well for handmade candles, soy candles, and paraffin candles.

    Understanding Candle Types and Materials

    Shipping and packaging candles require special care since they are fragile items. Candles come in various types, including pillars, tealights, taper candles, votive candles, floating candles, and more.

    Depending on the class, some burn longer or emit stronger scents than others. The materials used in candles vary depending on the type, such as beeswax, soy wax, and paraffin wax. In terms of packaging and shipping, these factors can have a significant impact.

    5 Candle Packaging Ideas for Ecommerce Sellers

    Are you selling candles on Amazon or another online platform? Whatever the shipping method, there are some great packaging and shipping ideas to keep candles safe.

    1. Prefer Custom Product Boxes



    When packaging candles, choose square shape custom candle boxes. You can use these boxes to create an attractive, modern look that matches your brand, protecting your products and showcasing your branding.

    Your candles may move about during shipping and become damaged if there is much space inside the box. Keep your candles in place using fillers like crinkled tissue paper or packing peanuts.

    2. Safeguard from Melting

    Extreme temperatures are your enemy when shipping candles during summer. If temperatures are too high, your pillars and votives can warp or melt completely. Similarly, some e-commerce businesses freeze candles before shipping, but this can cause the wax to crack – unwittingly doing additional damage. Use frozen gel packs when shipping candles. As a result, they will stay cool, won’t melt, and won’t need to be frozen.

    3. Use Bubble Wraps

    Generally, candles come in tin or glass containers. Besides these materials, you should add some cushioning to protect the candle. Prevent the candle from shifting during transportation by packaging it in bubble wrap in an appropriate-sized box. There could be cracks in the wax, glass that breaks, or dents in the tin if there is too much movement. The shipping of loose candles requires additional precautions. The bubble wrap prevents the candles from melting into each other when wrapped individually.

    4. Sealing Tape Branded With Your Logo


    The strategy is incredibly effective at grabbing the attention of customers. The majority of people purchase products today through Amazon or other similar platforms. The e-commerce industry is now offering well-known companies the ability to seal their products using sealing tapes. Keeping the brand’s reputation and identifying the brand is convenient for the customers.

    5. Discount Coupons or Surprise Gifts


    Gifts and surprises are always attractive to consumers. Providing rewards and gift vouchers to customers through e-commerce is an innovative trend. Keeping customers happy and satisfied is a compelling idea. Customers who frequently shop with companies receive multiple discounts and rewards. Consider adding a discount voucher in your product boxes or a surprise gift like a keychain or pen branded with your logo. A business can also benefit from this strategy by getting a high-selling graph.

    How Will these Ideas Benefit You?

    You will gain the following benefits by following these ideas:

    • A memorable unboxing experience for customers
    • Improve ratings of your Online Store
    • Good Customer Reviews
    • A damage-free delivery to end users
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Repeat Orders
    • retain customers

    Suggestions for Shipping

    An express shipping service like DHL or FedEx is the best way to ship your candles safely. Your candles are less likely to overheat and melt when you use these services. They are much quicker as well. It is also an excellent way to improve customer relations. People like to receive items on time.

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