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  • Opportunities To Enhance Your Ideas with Unique Candle Packaging

    James Flick
    August 23, 2022

    Candles are considered an everyday use household item. They are packaged in quite some ways for us to discuss; however, we need to understand the basic mechanism of construction and design before moving any further. All exquisite candle packaging boxes start from figuring out the right measurements.

    Depending on the end use of the candle and the type of candle needed to be packaged, there are a number of box styles that can be taken into consideration. The first thing needed to be disclosed or discussed is the size of the box.

    Measurements Matter the Most

    Finding out the required measurements can be troublesome if it is your first time ordering. To counter that efficiently, it is recommended to measure the size of the candle rather than taking a guess for approximate possibility. Something even worse to do is order pre-made boxes and get nowhere near having the right packaging. The best way around this situation is to measure the candle container.

    Assuming a circular candle container, all you have to do is measure the diameter and height. The formula goes, diameter x height for any circular container.  For a not-so-circular container, you can go ahead and measure it like length x width x depth. Provide these measurements to your packaging supplier and mention that these are the product measurements. They will add any required margins on their end.

    Settling On The Perfect Box Style

    Now that we know the exact measurements of the candle box packaging container, it will be a lot easier to get working on the box style. First up, white cardboard material and tuck end box style.

    Collapsible Boxes, Shipped Flat

    Collapsible boxes are just a fancy name given to cardboard boxes that can be shipped flat. These boxes have a very basic construction with a combination of three flaps (two dust flaps and one closure flap) on both ends of the box. They are usually created using white cardboard material which is one of the most cost-effective ways to go. Furthermore, there are a few more box styles you can opt to go with depending on some minor factors.

    If you have a lightweight candle, you can always opt for the tuck auto lock box which also belongs to the tuck family but differs in construction. These particular boxes are also known as snap-shut boxes because they have a bottom that assembles when you pop the box open. One of the few styles that require minimal assembly and act almost like plug and play.

    Last but definitely not least, we have hexagon boxes that act as a unique style for candles. We’ve seen them around and that is why it felt okay throwing that option in as well. To be honest, it totally depends on your brand requirement and budget line, and the type of candle of course. If it is one of the premium end candle types, these are not the appropriate box styles to go with.

    Move Over Cardboard – Introducing Luxury Candle Packaging Boxes

    For all those candles that are just too pretty to be used, we recommend nothing less than the best packaging solutions. Luxury packaging is the new norm for all premium products these days and it is awesome. With the kind of ideas, we’ve come across, there is no point of return left anymore.

    Lid Off Style Candle Packaging

    Lid-off style or two-piece style is one of the most recommended and used rigid boxes for candles. Though they are placed on the higher end of the price spectrum, they are still widely popular. The primary reason for choosing this particular style usually ends up being safe during transit but that is not all. These boxes can be equipped with foam inserts to better hold the candle in position during transit. You have plenty of room to add graphics and your company information in any way you want.

    Telescoping Boxes

    Again, being rigid, these boxes sure land on the higher end of the price spectrum but don’t let that scare you. Telescoping boxes are a derivative of the lid-off style but take the gold in appearance. They are fashioned in such a way that you actually get a three-piece box rather than a two-piece. There is a separate layer in between the top and bottom parts which can be printed in contrast to the primary color.

    In the end, it is totally up to you to choose the right kind of packaging based on the brand requirement. Hoping this helps you find what you were looking for. Happy hunting!

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