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  • Small Business Packaging Ideas to Fly Off the Shelves

    James Flick
    February 03, 2023

    Our small business packaging ideas are perfect for launching a new business or expanding your existing product line. Our top tips for wrapping and packaging is to ensure they fly off the shelves.

    10 Fantastic Small Business Packaging Ideas 2023

    Your beautiful products will be in higher demand if they come in unique packaging. These creative packaging ideas will help you sell more.

    Product Description

    Your goal is to avoid confusing your customers. Easy-to-read and understandable product descriptions should appear on the packaging like below:

    • How to use your product
    • Ingredients in your stunning product
    • Name and contact information of your company
    • Precautions and warnings (if any)

    Be sure to use a stylish font that is easy to read.

    Individual Cardboard Boxes

    Using boxes to protect your products is an excellent idea. Cardboard boxes provide more space for customization and information. You can package your products in individual boxes and print on one or more sides, on white, colored, or metallic material. Ensure your branding image with the right box option. Add cutouts to make it even more special and show off the colors inside. Cut out a small round or rectangle on one side to give a quick glimpse of what’s inside. Think of something catchy that pops into your head. Your packaging will make an unforgettable first impression if you include extra finishing options.

    Kraft Wrapping Papers

    This wrapping paper is fun, exciting, and practical, especially regarding gift-giving. Environmentally conscious clients appreciate its eco-friendly material. You can also embellish it to your liking, and it’s more durable. Regardless, you can place a label directly on top with the name of the product (and any other information).

    Custom Labels

    Use custom labels that can appear on the top with the information and details printed on product benefits. Give an insight into your brand by using catchy labels. By doing so, customers will know what fragrances they will enjoy and which ones they like best.

    Shrink Wraps

    When you want a quick, easy, and affordable way to package your products, shrink wrap is the way to go. It looks charming. Some benefits of shrink-wrapping your products include the following:

    • Customers can see the product immediately.
    • The product fragrance can seep through.
    • Cost-effective
    • Time-saving packaging for busy people

    You can also make your shrink-wrapped products more unique by adding your brand sticker or an image inside before shrink-wrapping.

    Window Boxes

    A custom window box is excellent for displaying a product, but only some boxes will work best with it. If you want to display your product effectively, you need a large window that does not distract from what’s inside. Custom display boxes play a vital role in how customers perceive your products.

    Silica Gel Packets

    The purpose of silica gel packets is to absorb moisture. These packets prevent excess moisture from damaging a package by absorbing the moisture that may accumulate. As a result, the package remains dry and fresh inside.

    Ensure you include instructions on removing the packet before using the product. The packets come with a warning that says “DO NOT EAT,” so you don’t have to worry about that part.

    Inside Printing

    Make the inside of packaging boxes stand out by printing on the inside as well. You can also print different graphics and prints on the inside of the box, just like on the outside. Customers can enjoy an unforgettable unboxing experience for a reasonable price.

    Packaging Treats

    Providing your customers with some treats is a great idea. A packaging treat is another way to make your customers happy. You can encourage customers to make future purchases by giving them treats through your packaging.

    You can add some lovely small items, such as:

    • Aroma sachets
    • Keychain, ballpoints with your branding
    • Thank your customers with unique thank-you notes
    • Coupons with a discount

    Don’t Skip These Finishing Options

    A finishing option adds an extra layer of safety to your packaging. By doing so, your packaging will look more appealing to customers.

    Some brands like to apply the following finishing options to their product packaging! Try them out as well!

    • A decent matte finish
    • Glittering glossy finish
    • Varnish coating

    You can create lovely packaging with these small business packaging ideas. Additionally, the packaging you choose for your products can ultimately result in higher profits.


    You must present your products in the most appealing way possible to win this competitive market. Creating appealing packaging is the key to achieving this. Choosing the proper product packaging will not only make your products more appealing. The unique packaging will make your customer’s unboxing experience unforgettable. It is your corporate social responsibility.

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